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Door Types


Here you can see variation of our profile pipes that we use for our Crittall doors together with detailed view of our door frames.Note: frames has different look from front and back side. This is related to different construction of bars that fixing a glass. The front bars are welded and located in the same surface level. The back bars are removable, sit deeper in the frame and fixed with a screws.

Profile Pipe Size, mm

Pipe Size

Door Frames Structure

Door Frames Structure

Cross-bars options 

Our doors and partitions are fully custom. But to help customers choose it's always nice to have some options. Here is list of some cross-bar options that you can choose from.

cross-bar types

Additional Screens

additional screens

We provide a wide range of additional screens to meet even the most daring requirements. We are devoted to creating unique and innovative solutions along with the high-quality supporting services.

  • Fully-custom cross-bars

  • Unlimited additional screens and shapes

  • Huge variety of door types


Despite the fact that black color dominates in our Crittall-style doors our opportunities in frames coloring is limitless.

Here you can found our typical frame colors for Classic, Crittall and Industrial product lines. In case you have something special you can provide us with any RAL you want and we will paint your doors accordingly.

Frame Colors

Beauty of Glass

Glass has a core place in our product together with steel frames. Our glass variety is really huge: default clean glass, frosted, fluted, different tined, mirror types or any custom glass type. You should carefully analyze your needs and design and choose the best option or if you struggling with this decision our professional managers always ready to help you.






Tined Graphite 


Tined Bronze 


Tined Frosted Bronze 




Fluted with Stripes








Tined Mirror



Door fittings

We use only top Europe fittings that are extremely convenient, durable and reliable. Smooth and quiet operation give you best door opening and closing experience.

  • Hafele sliding system

    HAFELE, Germany

    SLIDING SYSTEMS120 kg load-bearing capacity, ideal for 34 mm door minimum thickness, and 700 - 1500 mm door width. Applied for 1 and 2 sliding doors and 1-leaf sliding doors for wall pocket installation. 

  • Hafele folding system

    HAFELE, Germany

    FOLDING SYSTEMS120 kg load-bearing capacity, ideal for 34 mm door minimum thickness, and 700 - 1500 mm door width. Applied for 2+ folding doors

  • JNF Pivot

    JNF, Portugal

    HYDRAULIC PIVOT SYTEMSHydraulic pivot set for double action or rebated doors. Two speeds closing valve regulation. Max. door width 1000mm. Max. Weight up to 100Kg. FrameThickness = 40mm.

  • Tupai handles

    TUPAI, Portugal

    CLASSIC HANDLESClassic lever handle from TUPAI is our default option. Also you are free to choose any lever handles that you likes and we install them properly.

  • MetaliХ custom handles

    MetaliX, Ukraine

    CUSTOM STEEL HANDLESVariation of custom handles from steel, painted in the same RAL color then frames. Practical and elegant.

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