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Crittall doors in UK.Just steel & glass. 

MetaliX is a top quality steel and glass interior zoning solution with the best price in the UK market.Designed in Great Britain, forged in Ukraine. Make your interior dreams come true!

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Harmony of glass and steel

The combination of glass and steel creates a modern, reserved look. It provides the rooms with structure and the elements still provide plenty of light. The robust steel gives the design a classic line and at the same time creates a visually light effect, which is further supported by the glass. Our steel products can be used with a much wider number of design styles. Check out our 3 main design lines.


"Crittall" line

Crittall, or Crittall-style doors are usually black steel, slim frames with glass panels.


"Classic" line

Elegant door line with light frame colors, classic handles and shapes. Arched forms are popular here.


"Industrial" line

Harsh industrial aesthetic with a steel mesh, perforation. Can be unpainted, lacquered or with added rust.

Door types

Different interiors require different solutions. MetaliX offers a large number of door types and configurations with top European fittings that can solve the most complicated zoning issues. All doors are fully custom and depending on needs can go with additional over-panels and side screens.


Single Hinged

Single Hinged Door with steel hinges and a few handle options. One of the most popular door types. Can be equipped with classic Lever Handle or Steel Handle and Ball Door Catch.


Double Hinged

Double Hinged Door with steel hinges is the most popular in our lines. Can be equipped with classic Lever Handle (one side is fixed with two door latches) or Steel Handle and Ball Door Catch (two sides free to open).


Single/Double Pivot

Single/Double Pivot Doors refer to a swinging door that rotates on a spindle as opposed to butt hinges affixed to a frame. This door type can be totally frameless.


Single Sliding

Sliding Doors open horizontally by sliding, usually horizontally to a wall. Our doors are mounted on top track, so there is no need to do anything with your floor. Opening is parallel to a wall or inside a door pocket.


Double Sliding

A pair of sliding doors which can pass each other, each on its own track or both on the same. It is designed to give you more space when opening and closing the door. No floor track is required.


Cascade Sliding

Two or more sliding doors which can open/close in cascade style. Perfect solution for big rooms when you want to transform space fast. No floor track is required.


Single/Double Folding

Two or more panels hinge together at the ends so that, as they slide open, they easily “fold” or stack together and come to rest off to one side. To close, the panels slide from the stack and begin to straighten out again, finishing end to end.



Simple and stylish fixed divider which serves the same interior zoning purpose. You can use it to split any part of an apartment without building walls. It saves light and provides privacy at the same time.


Interior Window

Similar to a fixed divider, but usually is used for window imitation. It's installed on top of the wall approximately at room window height. It gives your interior an interesting, volumetric and cozy look.


Room divider

You can combine our partitions and doors for whatever you want - build a separate zone for your bedroom in a studio apartment or create a private space for your teams in an office.

People hands

People hands are the most important part in craftsmanship. The manufacturing process is a whole ritual for us and we are really passionate about steel. We use only high-precision machines and believe that manual labor makes every steel product unique and costly. See how steel work is done or read in detail how we work.

Why MetaliX?

Fully Custom

Regardless of whether it is a Crittall door or a fixed element, Classic or Loft design, we produce individually to the style and dimensions you require.

Top Quality

Top materials + top fittings + top painting process + only safe glass + huge experience and passion = you will enjoy our doors for decades!

Best Price

Since we manufacture in Ukraine where labor costs are lower, we are able to offer you the best price on the market.

Customer centric 

Our main company value is to exceed customer expectations. We love our customers and care about them during all cooperation cycle.

— We just love what we do

Interested in price? Just make a call or request a quote and we will answer within 1 day.


We value our customers and give them the maximum feeling of quality and comfort in working with us. That's why so many customers keep choosing our company!


Everything was great!!! at the highest level) thank you very much.”

September 16, 2020


“I ordered a sliding structure with a static partition, it was made beautifully and qualitatively, the guys did the installation very carefully. I recommend!”

January 13, 2021


“I am so pleasantly surprised that the installers even wash the windows - that's nice. And thank you for your accuracy.”

August 08, 2021


“The installers have already left. The doors turned out very well, and the installers are generally cool :) Super polite and cleaned everything up after themselves, 5+”

June 18, 2021


“Thank you for the perfect doors and for the good work of the installers. We are satisfied! When everything will be ready - we will write to you to take a photo.”

May 22, 2020


“Thank you very much! We are very satisfied. The doors fits as we wanted. Everything is just perfect. Well done to guys as well for installation.”

March 4, 2021

Meet Our Team

One of the secrets of our company is that our employees are passionately in love with what they do. Our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to deal with any issue that you may come across. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients and partners built on trust and mutual understanding.


Taras Barshchovskyi

14 years of experience

Founder and CEO of the MetaliX company. Taras works on strategy and company vision, is engaged in marketing and communication with partners.


Taras Otkovych

23 years of experience

Co-founder and CTO at MetaliX. He has been creating masterpieces from wood and steel since 2000. Also, Taras personally controls the quality of all products.


Oksana Paduchack

15 years of experience

Oksana has a lot of experience in sales, marketing and operations. As Chief Operations Offices she helps all departments to work cohesively to make sure we succeed as a team.


Andrew Kerik

Director MetaliX UK

20 years of exp.

Andrew is an expert in architecture, design and business development. Responsible for growing MetaliX sales in the UK market and providing best service to our British customers.


Dmytro Yaroslavskyi

Eng. Technologists

8 years of exp.

Dmytro is passionate about product design. He analyzes every order and makes sure that you will receive perfect doors from an engineering prospective. He also works on customers drawings.


Olena Sneda

Sales Manager

12 years of exp.

Olena is our sales fairy. She works directly with customers and makes sure they receives what they need and even more. Expert in sales strategy, management and negotiations.

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